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Technical Innovation Seminar

In accordance with the Latvian Presidency Action Plan for 2016, approved by the Baltic Sea Region Border Control Cooperation forum -BSRBCC, on 8-10 November BSRBCC Technical Innovation Seminar was held in Riga.

During the seminar the representatives of the Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish, Polish, Norwegian border authorities, as well as the FRONTEX Agency, discussed issues related to the European regional initiatives in the field of maritime surveillance, cooperation of authorities on maritime surveillance, technical solutions, future plans, etc.

BSRBCC goal is the fight against illegal migration in the region of the Baltic Sea, ensuring the regular cooperation regarding regional security and its development between border control authorities in the Baltic Sea Region.

Within the framework of the BSRBCC Latvia carries out the ongoing exchange of information on the situation in the Baltic Sea Region countries in the field of illegal migration, smuggling of drugs and other goods, transport of stolen moto vehicles  and monitor suspicious vessels.

Activities of BSRBCC are organized according to rotation principle – each Member State is Presidency for one year period. During the year 2016 Latvia is holding the Presidency.

Seminar members