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BSRBCC seminar was held on Control of Merchant /Cargo Ships, Fishing Vessels and Pleasure Boats

On 26th and 27th of May the State Border Guard organized the Seminar of Merchant/Cargo Vessels, Fishing Vessels and Pleasure Boats in the framework of the Baltic Sea Region Border Control Cooperation in Ventspils city.

Seminar was organized according to the Latvian Presidency Action Plan for 2016.

During the seminar the following topics were presented and discussed:

  • Decision for border checks on vessels based on risk analysis. State Border Guard’s experience;
  • The main risks and threats associated with illegal migration and cross-border crime  at the Ventspils Port;
  • List of interested ships. Information and content;
  • Profiling of ferries at EU/Schengen internal lines. Experiences of BSRBCC MS;
  • Use of available databases for border checks on vessels;
  • FRONTEX-coordinated maritime joint operations.
    Experiences of Frontex gathered during the Joint Operations Minerva and Focal Point Sea;
  • Risk analysis procedures for border checks on vessels. Sharing the  best practices;
  • Maritime Operational Centre's activities and role carrying out control measures on vessels;
  • Results of Customs activities and risk analysis in Ventspils Port;
  • Practical introduction of duties and tasks of Ventspils Port BCP. Best practices;
  • Control of fishing vessels and pleasure boats
  • Analysis of violations within the framework of customs control  (presentation);
  • Practical demonstration of technical resources and data bases using during border checks.

The representatives of the BSRBCC Member States from Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland and Sweden, as well as a representative of the FRONTEX Agency took part in the Seminar.