1 Secretariat meeting

On 26-28 January, 2016 the State Border Guard organized I Baltic Sea Region Border Control Cooperation (BSRBCC) Secretariat meeting. The meeting is hold under the Latvian Presidency Plan 2016.
During the meeting following key topics were discussed:
-    Implemented activities during Lithuanian Presidency in 2015.
-    Latvian BSRBCC Action Plan for 2016.
-    Memorandum of Understanding among BSRBCC participating countries.
-    Use of COASTNET.
-    BSRBCC Presidency in 2018.
-    information exchange with purpose to improve operational
-    extending of framework of cooperation.

Meeting was attended by the representatives from following countries: Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Norway.
Representatives of the meeting agreed on a different issues, which will be discussed during 1st BSRBCC Meeting of the Baltic Border Committee, which will be organized in Latvia, Riga 9-11 of March 2016.
In total, there are 16 events in the Latvian State Border Guard' Presidency Action Plan 2016: meetings of the heads of the participating institutions, 2 meetings of the Secretariat, 2 meetings of the Baltic Border Committee, 2 seminars on risk analysis, 6 seminars (2 of them will be held in Germany and Finland) as well as 3 joint operations.